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This used to be Nouveau Riche.I think they changed it because the posse was closing in.

This "school" is a major ripoff...they suck you in with huge costs for classes only to find out YOU NEED TO BUY MORE CLASSES...I bought the basic Essentials course and while it has a lot of info most of it can be found in a library for free....some of the videos run well and some are not so good......it's all about MLM and you should stay away. Even after buying in at basic level the "Founders" ignore you unless you continue to buy more or bring other suckers in. Some students do well in R.E. but considering the thousands they drag through the mill it is probably equal to the general population % as a whole.

Many of the instructors are successful but you find they were so before they became involved with Renatus.RUN AWAY!

Monetary Loss: $2790.

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I've only given it a cursory look, so far, but can already tell you didn't put ANY effort in, if you haven't recouped in the first year at least 3x what you paid.The strategies in the essentials are enough to pay for the FULL membership....*when they are put into use*.

Even a regular old w-2 employee can save more than the cost of the program without doing anything in real estate, just from the tax class!

I've looked at (been dragged to) many MLM presentations. This is only a distant relative. Depth is not unlimited, and revenue is not recurring. This is PRODUCT driven, and that is what any good MLM that lasts focus's on.

This is all about the *education*.

And way.....WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY...cheaper than other coaching programs, and with lifetime membership and support.

I'm gonna join.You should come back and talk to me.

Scott Klimczak

to Anonymous #1345737

by the way you answered the question clearly you work for renatus. referring to an w-2 employee.


Raised $500,000+ in capital through Renatus Education in my 1st year..Please tell me how this is a Scam..

You put value into your OWN business and it will PAY you like a business.

I mean..have you been successful at ANYTHING?!


Really?????This is a rip off if you don't do anything.

Calculus information is in the Library too... I didn't learn it by reading the book.

Additional classes? There are only 3 curriculums...

Essentials ( which you enrolled in AND NEVER ATTENDED) AIT which includes 2 majors and the Combo package which includes everything! There are no more classes ... You are a liar.

Finally... Absorbent costs?

Really? What does a Semester at the local community college cost? $3000. Buck?

At Renatus I got a full year for $1997.

Why are you propetuating this GIANT lie?

to Anonymous #1370479

It cost my girlfriend $20,000, they keep asking for more money in the form of links to companies, they keep charging fees.

"You can sell education" $20,000 for each person that you introduce into the program, after the 3 referrals you start earning $10k for each one...like a pyramid scheme.You are supposed to learn about flipping homes!

or fix and flip

I saw it first hand, I went to the first class many times....they sell you a dream, a dream only attainable if you have knowledge and for that knowledge you must pay $20k!!!

I also went to Lee Arnold program.

At least they take less, they are really private funders, and they return your investment after the third flip.THEY TEACH YOU THE BUSINESS...they do!


to Dora Greco #1372490

So you know all this from "your girlfriend," and not from any personal experience of your own?

Any other unsubstantiated OPINIONS you'd like to share? Or will you do us all the favor and spare us?

Wadesboro, North Carolina, United States #1108839

Than Merrill's "Fortune Builder's" is the same story. they want approximately $12K for the basic membership (like someone trying to get into this has that laying around the house), and $32K for the elite where they basically do everything for you.

to Fred Flinstone Mesa, Arizona, United States #1191765

Renatus is NOT Than Merrill, It isn't even close to the same type of business. What you are saying is McDonald's is just like Ruth Chris Steakhouse or that a community college is equal to Harvard.



to Ginger #1367298

I'd like to know how you came to this conclusion.Simply typing the word "scam" means nothing without some sort of substantiation.

It's only your opinion, and like anuses, everybody has one. What makes yours any more credible than those who've been through the training and put forth effort into succeeding? What's YOUR net worth? How many properties have you bought?

How much cashflow do you have every month?Or are you a W-2 employee, still in the "rat race?" My money says the latter.

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