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This used to be Nouveau Riche.I think they changed it because the posse was closing in.

This "school" is a major ripoff...they suck you in with huge costs for classes only to find out YOU NEED TO BUY MORE CLASSES...I bought the basic Essentials course and while it has a lot of info most of it can be found in a library for free....some of the videos run well and some are not so's all about MLM and you should stay away. Even after buying in at basic level the "Founders" ignore you unless you continue to buy more or bring other suckers in. Some students do well in R.E. but considering the thousands they drag through the mill it is probably equal to the general population % as a whole.

Many of the instructors are successful but you find they were so before they became involved with Renatus.RUN AWAY!

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Mar 03


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Feb 08

Can you substantiate any of this? Attorney General and BBB have no problems with this company.
I researched MLM, ponzi, etc. and no one hear has proven the company at fault for anything.
The company is actually filed correctly and legally with the Secratary of State for Utah and there is nothing with about Renatus at all. has a great standing well above all other Real Estate Education sales competitors.
I'm going to go sit in on their meetings to ask in-depth questions and verify info for myself rather than base my decisions on conjecture.
Folks - let's just get the facts from the source!

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Jan 29 Surprise, Arizona

I don't personally know your circumstances but I will tell you that the education I have received has been emensly valuable. One deal more than pays for the education. Yes you can get information on the Internet but keep in mind that it not current, nor free since my time is extremely valuable. The legal ramifications could be disastrous not to mention jail time and the IRS alone can set you spiraling downward into failure. You are correct that there is a program OFFERED to those who wish to create a second stream of income through paying it forward and helping others to realize their dreams and goals in life. In a job who makes the money to realize their dreams and goals in life, the boss or employee. I know that there are dropouts in every phase of life who blame their failures or excuses for not following through on others. That's okay as there is more than enough success in life from those who did decide that THEY-THEMSELVES are worth success at the cost of determination to do so.

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Jul 24, 2014

Please tell me !!! Should I trust Renatus ??!!

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Jul 24, 2014

please tell me !! Should I trust ??!

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Feb 09, 2014

I went to a rich dad seminar about one year ago. They wanted almost 65k for 8 online classes. No local group or national network to latch yourself on to...just an 800 number for questions. No coaching unless you spend thousands more.. upsell, upsell, upsell...Renatus has coaching and offices nationwide of real people learning and helping each other. Spending 2-15k on your education is a drop in the bucket compared to college, and you can have that money back with your first deal which you can't do with college. I understand this is not for everyone, but that does not make it a scam. You will never get wealthy from a 9-5 job and you will be building other people's dreams, not your own....and for the person who said employees are posting positive comments, Renatus does not have employees, it has satisfied customers. They pay people for sharing the opportunity, not to make posts on blogs like this.

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Feb 09, 2014 Miami, Florida

Renatus is not MLM at all. You are purchasing a product, which is education. You can build a sales team inf you are interested in participating in the marketing, you are not required too. There is no auto ship or upsell. There is a series of classes that start with beginning, just like college, and move you up. You do not have to take them all. MLM's do not pay 50% average on commission. The compensation was derived from the insurance industry. Also, many managers earn commission off their sales team based on performance. People really need to understand what they are talking about first. This is not for everyone. If you take the classes and do the work, you will succeed. If not, you are your own worst enemy, and it has nothing to do with the company.

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Jan 15, 2014

DemoGod...really? THAT'S your name on here? That in itself causes me to question your integrity in the first place.
So really, how much time and EFFORT did you put into this to really make it work? And how much time and EFFORT did you put into ANY school before you started seeing any income from it?

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Oct 10, 2013 Salt Lake City, Utah

I can see it is an MLM. I found this page useful. Thanks for helping me avoid MLM's which are based on greed and cost more than they are worth for 90% or more of those who join. Research Multi Level Marketing (MLM) online and see for yourself. Just sayin'... Have a good day.

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Jul 16, 2013 Los Angeles, California

I got rip by a so call investor and put $2000 dollars, to learn how to become one... instead was told it was for my education, they lied and make me believe that I was going to get my money back plus more.. in the end the ones that kept my money were the one that passed himself as an investor and the company ... I got nothing in return.. And to boot they kept all my money for nothing in return... Bad people there... :(

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Jul 02, 2014 Phoenix, Arizona

Didn't you go to a presentation or webinar. If you had you would have known that 1997.00 is the price for the essential s course! Did you think you were going to get a house for two grand? Amazing! I have no words.

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Didn't fool me renatus

Jul 11, 2013 Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Ok just to fill in the people who may see these comments; the positive comments you see people giving renatus are renatus employees.

They pay people to give positive reviews. Renatus is just a MLM marketing scam. They only way you make money is by marketing the "school" to you friends and family. When you do this you get half the cost for the classes they take. The school is usually around 15k to attend. That's means you get 7.5k for every sucker(usually your friends and family) you dupe.

After awile everyone who knows you hates you because you stole their money.

Renatus is not a school. It a marketing job. The only problem is that you market a school that doesn't exist. And the school itself it just a collection of google searches on real estate investments.

Absolute total scam.

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Jun 19, 2014 Frederick, Maryland

yea... not MLM at all. MLM makes you sell stuff to people who don't need or want a product. this is a school for investors. I'm not an employee of renatus nor do I "sell" the school. but I did become a decent investor because of them. Bottom line is if you know about real estate you know that fix n flips and tax sales can snag you some hefty pay days... but you have to do the work to make the money. I love how you state this as fact with no knowledge of the school itself. Looks like slander to me?

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Jul 02, 2014

My name is Chris Brown I enrolled in the college courses with out participating in the marketing side of the business. I found the classes extremely beneficial. The classes are long and extremely detailed. I enrolled at the mid point 9995.00. I finished those courses in 4 months studying 4-5 hours a day. This education is intense. I started making offers with decent results then I made contact with the person who introduced me to the college and he actually met with me several times and helped me fine tune my approach. I did 8 deals off of that education averaging 27k per transaction. Then I wanted to learn short sale and foreclosures so I purchased those last to classes and I've done several short sales as well as purchased 11 foreclosed properties. It was at this point that family and friends noticed the success I was having and want to learn to do what I AM doing. It was then that I paid the 125.00 to become a marketer. I've helped several family members and friends alike start down the road to making money. Some focus on real estate and others focus on enrollment but the overall majority do both. Everyone reading this please understand this is not a scam. When someone is looking for fault In something they always claim scam. I guess you can call anything a scam if your simply predisposed to making excuses to live in failure. If it's not for's not for you but don't try to taint others because you don't believe in yourself. If you went to a... Show more

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Jul 08, 2013 Chicago, Illinois

You say the education did not work, it sucked.......why don' you ask yourself who sucked, who didn't work? The education is there to be used. It is up to you to apply it and make it work. So I have the feeling You sucked because you did not work. In life nothing is Free or effortless so get off your butt and use it and actually make something positive with it. Have the courage to change your LIFE like many others I personally know. It has worked for thousands of people.... It is an awesome opportunity. Thanks Bob for creating such a great opportunity.

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Apr 15, 2013 Phoenix, Arizona

In researching Renatus for my husband and myself and encountering reviews such as this, it occurs to me that so often negative reviews themselves are written by people who express no class in their communications, often using vulgarity, slang, abbreviations or just misspelling out of carelessness. This speaks for itself of the reviewer. One gets what one puts into something.

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Susan in Florida

Sep 19, 2012

The opportunity that Renatus offers is great for those who are willing to take action and not allow their ego to be bigger than their wallet. Like any occupation, real estate investing takes knowledge and action. As with many professions, real estate requires networking whether or not you choose to utilize the earning opportunity or just come into this wonderful group for the education.

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Aug 22, 2012

Evaluation of ones life choices and results of today reflect their current view of responsibility for their actions. Renatus is a tool to assist in the personal growth for one to create financial wealth successfully as determined by their own definition, like any tool the person using it is the determining factor as to its success. A car is a tool, if not used for the purpose intended or in they method it was intended the results.may not be desirable. The system is proven, results speak for themselves.

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Aug 22, 2012

Evaluation of ones life choices and results of today reflect their current view of responsibility for their actions. Renatus is a tool to assist in the personal growth for one to create financial wealth successfully as determined by their own definition, like any tool the person using it is the determining factor as to its success. A car is a tool, if not used for the purpose intended or in they method it was intended the results.may not be desirable. The system is proven, results speak for themselves.

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May 26, 2012

I too signed up for the essentials course and found the information to be overwhelmingly relevant and practical. I have been a realestate investor for twenty five years and so I knew most of what I heard and it ligned up with my own experience. I also learned a few things that made the $$ totally worth it. I am signing up for the next level also. I too was put off by the MLM approach at first but this is not an Amway meeting. They don't pressure you AT ALL. I just take what I need for my own situation. In my opinion I have received great value, after all one deal can pay for the entire full blown package with all the options. Bottom line, the information is sound and gets a person in the door. What you do with the information, like everything else in life, is up to you.

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