Renatus has a great deal of major players that founded & developed Nouveau Riche. Bob "The General" Snyder 2nd in command flew around in a corporate jet hawking that real estate college that is now defunct. They promoted a campus they were building that never happened & now I see some of the same instructors on Youtube for Renatus that were with Nouveau Riche. Here's the founder of Nouveau Riche... Read more

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This used to be Nouveau Riche. I think they changed it because the posse was closing in. This "school" is a major ripoff...they suck you in with huge costs for classes only to find out YOU NEED TO BUY MORE CLASSES...I bought the basic Essentials course and while it has a lot of info most of it can be found in a library for free....some of the videos run well and some are not so's... Read more

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